Honey Boy ★★★★

This is one of the most meta films of all time. This one of the best  metamodernist films of the decade. Maybe even century if I had to be more bold. Shia is amazing as his father in this , So are Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges playing  Otis Lort ( Shia LaBeouf) at different stages of his life. They being a humanity and honesty to something that could easily be laughable if done wrong. When I first heard of this movie. I feared It would suffer from its own irony but when I saw I realized it didn’t. Shia made the film as a space to express things that are often inexpressible. The director Alma Har’el does a great job with Natasha Braier in finding those images which serve story. Such as the scene in which a young Otis and Shy Girl ( FKA twigs) create a world around them through a game of them improvising. There’s an honesty about honey boy which makes you understand Shia Leboeuf. How he got here , Who he is , and why he’s become the wonderful artist that he’s become today.