Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

"I just want you to know... i think you're the sweetest guy in the world, and the most handsome. And i love you."

Putting aside Billy who was almost giving me a nervous mental breakdown throughout the whole movie & i just wanted to slap him in the face for being such a jerk to Layla because she's too precious pure kind beautiful amazing sweet for this world, THIS HURT ME AS FUCK, LIKE... REALLY BAD. I admit that i expected some kinda catastrophic or melodramatic ending since i decided not to read anything related to it, i was already at the edge of my depression and resignation because that's what it feels like when you fall in love with the wrong person, literally. But then that ending got me like♥💜💝💚💖❤💞💙👫✨

Overall, if i'm being honest with myself I wasn't sure what to think about the script at first, but it actually turned out to be pretty good and realistic, considering it is an indipendent movie. As Billy's character in this case: a narcissist, selfish and distant man, as if he had the fear of showing himself week, feeling worthy or to love someone, so he prefers to live with that mask. All of this depended to his childhood and a constant obsession of repairing his disasters. Vincent Gallo managed to direct it at his best ways, giving an impressive performance too -same as Christina's, indeed. Their chemistry was amazing in here.
The camera work and editing are flawless too, opening credits gave me some Godard's vibes, the whole story felt really authentic and i could literally relate to Layla and feel her dejection.

So YES, absolutely adored this and i can safely say it is one of the few romantic dramas i prefer, and i'm sure i'll give it full five stars on a second rewatch.

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