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  • Dog Soldiers

    Dog Soldiers


    Somewhere deep in the Scottish highlands, a squad of 6 British soldiers, lead by Sergeant Harry G. Wells, have been sent out on a training excursion but what they fail to realize is that they're sharing the same real estate with an angry pack of bloodthirsty werewolves. Now, these aren't your grandparents werewolves, these fucking things are highly intelligent and they know exactly how to hunt and kill the things that they enjoy feasting on the most: human beings. And…

  • Ginger Snaps

    Ginger Snaps


    If there's one thing that horror movies have taught we over the years is that when a young woman gets her period for the first time, shit usually ends up hitting the fan. Seriously, when that blood starts to flow you better hold on to your motherfucking butts. In the case of Ginger Snaps, 15-year-old Ginger Fitzgerald gets her period for the first time and, well, things don't turn out too well for her. While out one night with her…

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  • District 9

    District 9


    It may be a little known fact but we truly live in an era where brilliant, original science fiction films are being produced year in and year out. At no other time since the 1980's has there ever been an influx of quality science fiction produced as there has been in the last 5 or 6 years or so in Hollywood. Case in point would be District 9. District 9 is co-written and directed by South African director Neil Blomkamp…

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    For all intents and purposes this film should've been called Star Wars: History Repeats Itself. The reason being is that the plot to The Force Awakens offers more then just a passing resemblance to A New Hope, so much so that I damn near check marked the "I've seen this film before" option even though I hadn't. It seems that in his never-ending quest to please the rabid Star Wars fan base, director J.J. Abrams felt the need to adhere…