The Conjuring

The Conjuring ★★★★½

“Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are eternal, and they exist today. The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.” -Ed Warren

Absolutely liked it better on my second viewing. And why the hell did I watch this movie late at night??? Ah well, a man has to face his fears at some point. I overall noticed things I haven’t before. The Warrens are an awesome couple, and just great characters! The Perron family are very likeable and believable! Mrs. Perron knocked it out of the park! The actress brought a very realistic performance, and I legit teared a bit at the end of the climax. Overall, one of my favorite horror films of all time, and I still need to watch the Conjuring 2.

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