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  • Ronin



    One of my favorite actions films growing up, I hadn’t seen this in years. Long before I knew the cultural significance the name John Frankenheimer had in cinema, long before I cared about well established chase scenes, and definitely long before Dirty Grandpa, Ronin was an action movie I went along with but could never quite follow along the double crossing but knew there was a significance to a case DeNiro was after and that that was the main goal,…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    This is gonna sounds horrible of me to say but everything about this movie is amazing but for some reason we throw Alison Williams performance to the side. The scene where her and Lil Rel are on the phone and she’s sitting there giving a worried vocal performance while her face stays in such a blank cold blooded emotionless state is terrifying in all the ways a performance in a horror film should be.

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  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


    That moment when Luc Besson does Star Wars better than Lucasfilm but everyone is going to dismiss this movie because it doesn't have the Disney "formula" or name backing it. And this is coming from someone who LOVED The Force Awakens and is anticipating The Last Jedi. Luc Besson crafted an incredible and visually mindblowing space opera that completely outdoes every bit of "creativity" TFA had and then some. Will unfortunately suffer the same fate as The Fifth Element in that it'll be a box office dissapointment but then in 5-10 years after its release will be widely regarded as a cult classic.

  • Power Rangers

    Power Rangers


    Shout out to my friend Mike for bringing me along as a guest to a press screening of Power Rangers...
    So like guys this movie is good. I mean like genuinely good. Unfortunately it's just a good origin story BUT that was expected since this movie is tasked to make you care about the titular Rangers all over again or for some make you care at all. And that the film nails. Truly emphasizing its point of developing these characters…