Aladdin ★★★★

I thoroughly enjoyed this and I feel like I should be ashamed of that fact, but at the same time I wouldn’t know why. This is so colorful and joyous, quite the opposite of Lion King’s remake, with no holds barred set pieces, insane amounts of extras, costumes and sparkly CGI, songs that pop just as much as the originals and a beautiful, wholesome cast. Well, expect for Jafar maybe, because there’s little fun to be had with Marwan Kenzari’s rendition of the evil sorcerer, depicting him in a way that’s a bit too psychotic for a Disney villain, if you ask me. Will Smith as a body building Genie is a bit weird sometimes, but he still brings the laughs and more than enough energy. Naomi Scott seems to give it her all as Jasmine and Mena Massoud is both a good Aladdin as he is an excellent Prince Ali. Oh and let’s not forget a hilarious Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders and a completely charming Navid Negahban as the Sultan. I might change my mind a bit if I watch the original again, but probably not by much: to me, the 2019 Aladdin honors the cartoon it’s based on by utilizing the benefits of CGI and live action, creating something that is just as much fun.