Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★★

Every shot of this utterly incredible movie is worthy of a canvas and a spot in a museum of modern art. But not only the imagery is some kind of scifi paradise, the narrative is brilliant as well: easy enough to follow and seemingly quite simple, but layered in a way that it fascinates and, if you're curious enough, will make you want to know more. And then there's the fan service, which is subtle and respectful to the source material, as well as to the viewer. A certain scifi fairytale franchise should definitely follow suit. 
But the real winner is the atmosphere: broody and bleak, but also (weirdly) sexy and uplifting, especially when the incredible score takes that of the original to undiscovered countries. 
All in all one of the most incredible sequels I have ever seen, not afraid to wander off from the original far enough to touch on new themes and surprise on an entirely different level.
Blade Runner 2049 is art, but not the snooty kind that talks down to you and takes itself too seriously to entertain.