Spencer Anderson

Way too much education and threatened with a divorce if I try to get more!

Favorite films

  • Ordinary People
  • The Apartment
  • Alien
  • First Reformed

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  • The Lost City


  • Spider-Man: No Way Home


  • Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off


  • Charade


Recent reviews

  • The Dead Zone

    The Dead Zone


    I bet Johnny could have saved nearly a million American lives if he were in the right place in 2015.

  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys


    Watched with Maxwell since it was on one of his recommendation lists. A little worried I oversold it after telling him it had a scene that gave me the hardest laugh I've had in the last 5 years, but if anything he liked it more than I did! Pretty cool he got the reference to Lou Costello when Ryan Gosling discovered the body, so at least we've exposed Maxwell to some of the classics.

Popular reviews

  • 28 Up

    28 Up


    I don't know why, but this one left me feeling quite sad. Perhaps it was that the last half ended with several people who were quite contemplative with an underlying sadness to them. Probably unfortunate for me, but I most related to Neil despite the fact he seems to be struggling in the very least with depression. His internal conflict has given him a broader view of life than most of the other participants. One of the happiest seemed to…

  • Rize



    Read that Gasper Noé was influenced by this in making Climax. Really interesting primer on the development of clowning and how that led to krumping. Inspiring to see so many kids passionately devoted to things like this, and especially so with the backdrop of ever pervasive poverty and violence.

    Something about the documentary didn't fully grab me. It lacked a bit in focus making it less than the sum of its parts. A solid work to be sure, but there were some horrifically tragic things happening in the background that could have been better tied in or explored.