We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★½

Tilda Swinton is incredible in this and gives the most heart wrenching, emotionally devastating performance. The disorienting flashback structure and dream imagery perfectly complement her performance and make the film almost unwatchable in parts. I love the general idea of a parent with a shattered psyche parsing through their memories trying to find where they went wrong. The uncertainty and exhaustion with being a first time parent is so impossible at times and I can absolutely relate to some of her guilt for being impatient with young Kevin.

Where the film loses me is with the child actor and almost setting up Kevin like he’s a bad seed or something. I completely disagree with that concept and it undermines the more powerful moments of her examining her own culpability. A history of childhood head trauma has been linked to many serial killers and I wish they went that route. Have Kevin’s personality change at some point and her claw to reconnect rather than him start out like he’s Damian.

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