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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    Hooptober 6/6/6, Day 31

    So the first 35 or so minutes (the one take), though funny feels a little weird and one dimensional in terms of tone. There's a certain intelligence about it, but I think the film is putting itself in a serious box that doesn't allow a lot of room to flourish. Then, the rest of the film begins and I realize everything that I had thought up to that point, though in some ways true, is…

  • Overlord



    Hooptober 6/6/6, Day 30

    I don't have a lot to say about this one, it was fun. The writing was decent, the action, pacing, everything was put together. I think this film knows its limits, it never tried to be more of a spectacle than it was. This is in no way a smart film but there's a certain intelligence to it. More than anything, this film is fun.

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  • Diabolique


    Hooptober 6/6/6, Day 16

    I think one of this film’s greatest strengths is that it’s very much a slow burn. There is nothing especially shocking about the film’s events, more a hair-on-end sense that things are not quite right. It feels rather stoic. In terms of my enjoyment of this film, I think being a slow burn is perhaps the biggest detriment. It’s totally my fault, but in a quiet room, lights off, my mind did tend to wander. 

  • Häxan


    Hooptober 6/6/6, Day 22

    As an informative piece, this film is tight as hell. As a piece of entertainment, it falters for me. Don't get me wrong, it's tight, there are some pretty sick shots & scenes, consistently neat imagery, and WOOOOOOOO the devil costuming is fucking sick. However, maybe it's a symptom of being a rather drawn out silent film, this almost felt to me like a textbook. I have a lot of respect for this and it's definitely the kind of film I can dig why it's in the Criterion collection but I sadly don't think it's for me.