Perfect Sense ★★★½

Intriguing, ethereal sci-fi romance set in Glasgow, featuring Ewan McGregor as a chef and the smouldering Eva Green as a scientist brought together when an unexplained epidemic hits Earth causing people to lose their senses one by one: first the sense of smell, then taste, then hearing, etc. McGregor, Green and the supporting cast (which includes Denis Lawson, Ewen Bremner and Stephen Dillane) are uniformally excellent, the visuals are often striking (though I'm less taken by the low grade video footage taken from around the world interspersed with the main events to give the epidemic a sense of being on a global scale) and there's a genuinely moving love story buried amid the apocalyptic chaos about two incredibly dysfunctional people ("Mr. and Mrs. Arsehole", as Green's character puts it) somehow finding hope through each other even as the whole world falls apart around them.

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