Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

where to begin? i guess here.

the first ever full length screenplay i wrote was when i was 14. it was 95 pages. and it was called BATMAN REINCARNATED.

it was about a chubby high school kid who wakes up one morning to realize that he was real-life Batman in another life. Bob Kane was Robin in another life and used his talents as an artist in this life to create comics to share the stories of his former mentor with this world. so this young kid had to figure out how to live up to the hero that he was destined to become, all the while living in a very real world. his Batmobile was a mini-van. his girlfriend turned out to be the reincarnated Poison Ivy and his dog was the reincarnated Joker (because you don't always get reincarnated as the same thing, duh). Catwoman was in there too somehow but i don't exactly remember.

all that to say, ever since i was a kid, i wanted a movie that showed that a kid could be a superhero. and not some fake superhero, but a real one. superheroes inherently are for kids. i vividly remember when my dad told 10-year-old me that the first SPIDER-MAN movie was rated PG-13, which meant i wouldn't be able to see it because my parents were very strict when it came to movie ratings. and that flabbergasted me. why would they make a movie about a character that kids look up to and then make it so some kids couldn't see it? my folks eventually relented and let me go see SPIDER-MAN, making it my first PG-13 movie ever and thus a watershed moment in my life.

this movie is an encapsulation of everything i wanted in a movie from when i was 6 years old to 26 years old. the first time the red and blue suited web-slinger swung into frame, i immediately was transported back to my dewey-eyed younger self who would wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch the 90s animated Spider-Man show. if only that kid could have seen a cartoon Spider-Man on the big screen with the message that anyone can wear the mask, it would have meant so much to him.

and honestly, it means just as much to me now. i love this movie and i'm so grateful that we have it.

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