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  • Faust



    Horroctober #11 - 2,500th 

    Murnau transports us to another world entirely with this technical, visual and artistic masterwork of german expressionism. A gothic take on Goethe's Faust, that is inherent in its outstanding and influential use of special effects, lighting and shadows to guide the narrative and the portrayal of feelings; a hallmark for Murnau and the german expressionism as a whole.
    Faust was insisted to be shot in studio, which contrasts Murnau's other works. This worked in his favour…

  • 10 Rillington Place

    10 Rillington Place


    Horroctoper #9 

    An Under-watched & terrifying masterpiece. A well paced, psychological thriller, through and through. 

    An unnerving and frighteningly effective performance from Attenborough as Christie. Beautifully supported by the naive & ever so confused John Hurt as Timothy, whom I have to say has the best portrayal of a man in shear terror, and bewildering sadness ever on screen, easily stealing the show. Rest in peace you absolute legends.  

    Maybe I should’ve left this one for the end of the month now…

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  • Dracula



    Horroctober #45 
    No expense is spared in this epic gothic adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Ford Francis Coppola is a master of forward momentum, and his exceptional eye for an audio-visual spectacle is on full display here. Essential halloween viewing.

  • Bug



    Horroctober 2020 #41

    Holy mother of bugs, this movie is madness. Ashley, Shannon & Friedkin absolute nutters, I love 'em.

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  • Japan Sinks: 2020

    Japan Sinks: 2020

    What an utter waste of time. Started off well, fucking shot itself in the foot after episode 3.

  • Phenomena



    It's the bee's knees it is!

    What looked like a decent thriller on the surface, is propelled into an exercise in visual grotesque horror. All thanks to argento's wicked direction, banger soundtrack choices (as usual), beautiful swiss landscapes, unsettling cinematography and the all so charming & mesmerising performance by Jennifer Connelly. Final 20 mins goes full apeshit.