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  • She's Beautiful When She's Angry

    She's Beautiful When She's Angry


    It made me fall in love with the feminist movement all over again. Thank you to all the beautiful wonderful women who fought for themselves, their mothers, their daughters and sons, their neighbors and for future generations like mine. I'll make sure to never disappoint you.

  • Narco Cultura

    Narco Cultura


    It hit way to closet at home. Literally. Living what my city went through and knowing that some people glorify it, disgustes me to no end. Perfect portray of what actually living in a situation like what we lived un Juarez for so many years, and a useless so called "singer" who sees himself as some sort of bad-ass-motherfucker just for acting like a "narco".
    Narco culture is a society's disease. Is Mexico's disease. But at what point do we stop being mere consumers, that we started excuse it?