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  • Superbeast



    "Bambi, Bambi, Bambi"

    It's weird. A mad scientist is doing experiments on convicts in the philippines. Like one in three turn into psychotic cavemen. He has an agreement with a big game hunter who hunts the beasts for fun. A pathologist is brought in to do an autopsy on one of the subjects that got away. She ends up going into the jungle and gets caught up in the mix. At the end of the day they all get a taste of their own medicine. An the best part is no Rob Zombie.

  • Breaker! Breaker!

    Breaker! Breaker!


    "Yoou Son Of A Bitchhhh!"

    Chuck Norris is a Trucker who goes down to Texas City, California (not a real place) to find the men who kidnaped his brother. Chuck and a few of his trucker buddies basically lay waste to the entire fucking town.

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  • RoboCop 3

    RoboCop 3


    "Nice Try, Creeps"

    I absolutely love Fred Dekker but this is the obligatory third sequel nobody wanted. Once again Detroit is out of control with drugs and gangs and the OCP owned police department are on the case. If on the case means forcibly gentrifying the neighborhood of Cadillac Heights. And by forcibly gentrify I mean creating a task force to kidnap, kill or "Relocate" anybody who won't leave peacefully. An for some strange reason they decided that Robocop needed…

  • Intruder



    "Very funny Tiiiiiiim"

    I forgot how good this is the grocery store is a surprisingly fun set. It's basically done by the team from Evil Dead 2 with great gore of course by K.N.B. EFX. Awesome lighting gags like how the blood dripping on the light bulb was reflected on the ceiling. Lots of funny moments to like Ted was listening to the same song every time they cut to him even after he was dead. Did anybody catch that the ex boyfriend looks like Kenny Omega? The end was good to there's lots of time for the final girl.