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  • The Numbers Station

    The Numbers Station


    "I'll get you a prescription for Ativan, it'll stop your conscience bothering ya."

    This wasn't bad for a direct to DVD/VOD movie. It's sort of a life or death spy story that revolves around Cusack & Akerman protecting the single most antiquated system any government still has in action. The two don't exactly jump off the screen with great enthusiasm or charisma but some of the action makes up for it.

  • Squirm



    "Strangest thing, lines back up. Nobody even answers the damn telephone."

    I thought after watching Frogs, Troll & Troll 2 last week I would have been prepared for anything. But not this. The first and second act move very slowly. As these two young people try to solve why mysterious skeletons start popping up. I don't know how these two know each other the guy just showed up on a bus. They take a brake to go fishing with the rapey…

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  • Fender Bender

    Fender Bender


    This is basically When a Stranger Calls with out all the calls.

  • Puppet Master II

    Puppet Master II

    This was much harder to sit through. Best scene for me was Indiana Jones Jr. vs Bullettooth. I know he's a kid but is it wrong that I wanted to see the payoff?