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  • The Initiation of Sarah

    The Initiation of Sarah


    Why were there so many melodramatic made for tv Carrie clones in the 70's? I think this is the third one i've seen this year. Polarizing sisters one with telekinetic powers start college with mixed results. The two sisters are torn between the two rival sorority's. Sort of like the Delta Pi's & Omega-Mu's. Morgan Fairchild is easily the highlight here as the bitch trying to tear the sisters apart for her own amusement. If they had been satisfied with just ripping off Carrie and Revenge of the Nerds I think it would have been fine. It didn’t need the vapid witchcraft angle at all.

  • Looker



    "I hope your satisfied, you perverts."

    This is a silly but charming tech-noir story about a advertising company. That uses unorthodox ways to make you pay attention to the product and not the model spokesperson in their commercials. It's an elaborate hair brained scheme that goes array when Albert Finney a well known plastic surgeon. Starts sniffing around after his patients start mysteriously dying. Like most Crichton novels the subject matter is way before it's time but in this case…

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  • Fender Bender

    Fender Bender


    This is basically When a Stranger Calls with out all the calls.

  • Fragile


    Yawn! The ghost looked like Marilyn Manson with ghost tits.