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  • Serenity



    This is the strangest Lincoln commercial I've ever seen.

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room


    Quite a bit more fun than the gimmick would lead you to believe. It starts off as fairly formulaic horror, but once we get to the actual escape rooms the characters and the unique design of each room carry the movie. The actors are all fairly solid, and they're usually given interesting things to say without a lot of filler dialogue. Some sections even have surprisingly authorial vision, like the "static room" near the end. The movie draws influence from…

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  • Tulip Fever

    Tulip Fever


    This was like some strange combination of The Big Short meets Mr. Turner meets softcore porn. Visually very interesting (basically a moving Vermeer painting), and the tulip parts were great but woefully short. The romance was pretty boring and unconvincing. Still, a pretty decent movie with an unusual storyline, probably worth a watch.

  • Cube



    What a remarkable achievement for a low budget film. Cube is so tense and takes place in such a fully realized world, and yet was basically shot in several variations of the same room. A tight script and careful direction kept this film engaging and intriguing despite low production value and less than stellar acting.