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  • Jaws
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Napoleon
  • The Night of the Hunter

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  • Girl, Interrupted


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  • She's All That

    She's All That


    This has such a flat anticlimactic ending, but Freddie Prinze Jr. is a pretty charismatic lead.

  • Knight and Day

    Knight and Day


    Wouldn't this premise have been so much funnier if they made it that Cruise wasn't actually a secret agent and just a dangerous nutcase she gets pulled along by who just thinks hes one?

    But then you'd have to recast Cruise completely to be honest because he can't pull that off. I mean he COULD if he wanted, but he wouldn't. It's bizarre that he's even in this on reflection.

    This needed to be either much darker or much funnier but Mangold at least directs the action sequences decently.

Popular reviews

  • Jumanji



    Jumanji could possibly be read as a post-modern reinvention of the Peter Pan story. All the pieces are there. A boy not ready to grow up and accept adult responsibility escapes to a mythical world without rules or boundaries, and upon returning to the world in the form of a man he must take action against Van Pelt, a man-hunter from the jungles of Jumanji who has been following him; a manifested representation of the bully father figure that he…

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

    10 Things I Hate About You


    Do you know what I hate?
    I hate how much I enjoy this movie unconditionally despite all of its shortcomings and plodding sequences. It's not a perfect movie, or even a perfect high school movie, but god damn it's got charm and humour and heart enough to win you over again and again. I love it.

    (Notes from a well overdue 2021 rewatch:

    Heath Ledger doing the little twirl on the stairs as the big band kick in with Frankie Valli’s Can't Take My Eyes Off You… that’s all.

    The final poem reading and Julia Stiles’ utterly sincere delivery ripped my heart into tiny bits.)