Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★½

i’ve always liked being fooled, which i suspect might explain my outsized enjoyment at some of the mysterio sequences in the latter half. his first illusional attack against peter probably ranks as the most visually inspired setpiece in marvel’s entire oeuvre, the film’s exorbitant budget finally justifying itself as reality collapses atop peter in all sorts of thrillingly hallucinatory ways (DR. STRANGE was also very good at this sort of thing.) by the time the second illusion had started, i found myself actively leaning forward in my chair. on the other hand, the high school teen comedy that comprises the rest of the narrative is almost unbearably charmless (holland and zendaya’s chemistry excepted), flabby apatow-lite improv doing its best to convince you that the movie is as in on the joke as you are. it was during these unendurably long stretches that the boundless sincerity of raimi’s vision was most missed; whatever their other faults, those films never presumed you an idiot

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