Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Well, I did it folks!  I watched my first Quentin Tarantino movie and uh, there were a lot of feet???? Like I thought it was a joke about his love for feet,,, unfortunately I was mistaken! So quick background on my relationship with this movie, I for some reason was ACTIVELY rooting against this movie in the Academy Awards even though at the time I had not seen it.  Pretty much I told my parents I wanted any movie besides this to win awards.  I’m not sure why I hated it with such a passion, but I just really did not want it to win awards.  So when I finally decided to watch this movie I came in with relatively medium expectations.  I had always heard Tarantino praised as a director, but like I said I really wanted to hate this movie.  Which I know is a really dumb thought process and its not beneficial to watch movies you want to hate, luckily I actually liked this movie!  I will say though my score was in between a 3.5 and 4, I chose 4 because I rounded up, but a more accurate score from me would be a 7.5 out of 10!

To begin with what I liked, I guess I liked the editing, it was actually pretty sporadic and random and it kind of left me guessing at times trying to figure out the series of events and if things were really happening or if they were just in character’s heads.  I will say though, the second half of the movie felt like an Arrested Development episode? So that was a little strange.  Also this movie has one of my favorite songs on a score!  I love the song Miss Lily Langtry (I think it may actually be from a different movie but they just used it for this film but I’m not 100% sure).  I thought the acting was pretty good, nothing too too standout, but I think that Brad Pitt as an actor is definitely growing on me!  Leo of course was great, and I thought Margot Robbie was ok!  So, like I said before I was actively rooting against it in the Oscars, and in addition, I’m an aspiring Production Designer, so when this movie won best production design I was very bummed out ( I am dramatic).  Luckily after watching this movie I do believe it deserved the Oscar.  I think it captured so many different sets and types of locations while truly creating a world that felt unique but not too produced like how Nice Guys felt.

So my main issue comes in the fact that during the later part of the film the only thing I kept thinking about Brad Pitt’s character was,
Breed: Different 😈
And once I thought that, I couldn’t stop laughing and I had a hard time taking it seriously.  It also reminded me of when Mark Wahlberg said that he could’ve landed the plane in 9/11.  Like the vibe was definitely off, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it? I’m still not super sure if I was supposed to take the ending seriously or not.  I feel like anyway Tarantino would have tried to handle the ending would have come off as disrespectful so I guess he chose the more campy ridiculous ending to kind of match the films being made in the actual movie.  There were also a few times I felt the pacing was a little slow earlier on in the film, I think this was mainly due to me not being a fan of western films to begin with.  I also didn’t particularly like how there was the narration, it felt like an Arrested Development episode and I kept waiting for Michael Cera to pop up out of nowhere.  So those were the main reasons I didn’t give it a 4.5 or a solid 4.  I actually wanted to give this film a 4.5 up until the last hour or so when there was a tone shift.

Overall, I would recommend this movie!  I actually found myself really enjoying it.  I definitely need to make myself watch Tarantino’s other movies.  I feel slightly bad for hating on this movie so much before even seeing it.  I guess this is showing me that maybe I need to watch movies before outright hating them haha! Overall this was a nice way to end my streak of watching serious movies!  I just found a bunch of Barbie movies I need to watch to clear my palette after watching Saving Private Ryan, Sicario, Schindler’s List, and this movie!  But this was definitely a fun movie and I look forward to rewatching it!

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