Pieces of a Woman

Pieces of a Woman ★★

This would have been much, much, much better, as a stage play.  Seriously, there was no reason for this to have been turned into a movie.  The only scene where the filmmaking was interesting was a long take scene, but theater is literally a long form, long take.  I really wanted to like this but there just wasn’t a lot to like.  The beginning act was actually interesting and set up for an interesting story, but then it was quickly ruined by a second act that dragged on for a good 40 minutes, and then concluded with another weak and expected act.  Overall it was just boring and it didn’t do anything special.  I think if this movie weren’t as neatly split into three perfect acts it would have been more interesting.  The story felt way too clean for the tragedy it was attempting to depict.  Since the whole movie was cause —> effect, it really played out rather boringly.  If you are on the fence about wanting to watch this or not I would recommend just skipping it.  It doesn’t really offer anything new and it takes such a tragic topic and just simplifies it a bit too much in my opinion.

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