Tenet ★★★★½

I finally saw Tenet!!! I loved it! Going into this movie I had very high expectations, I had tried to tamper down my expectations and prepare myself for the worst.  This was pretty unsuccessful because I was so excited to see a movie in the theater for the first time in 6 months exactly, I was seeing a movie by one of my favorite directors, AND my current fav Robert Pattinson is in this movie!  So going in I was trying to prepare myself for being disappointed, especially because this was getting lower reviews than I was expecting! Luckily I was actually blown away by this movie!  For the first half or so I was actually pretty confused and not that impressed with it, but once this movie became a Nolan movie rather than a normal action movie I was HOOKED!  It was fascinating and incredible and I was so excited by everything I was seeing!

To begin with what I liked, I thought the performances by Robert Pattinson and John David Washington were great!  They both gave wonderful performances and I was so intrigued by their characters!  I thought the rest of the cast was ok and I will be interested to see this movie again and see if I like some of the other performances better on a second watch!  I really really appreciate the practical effects used throughout this movie.  They were absolutely incredible and I think this is something that stands out in Nolan’s movies.  In the long run, I think his movies will age better than many movies that are heavy in CGI.  For example, even though Inception is an older movie than a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy, there is a clear difference in which one looks more believable and newer.  This I think will benefit his movies in 20 or so years where they’ll look not as old as some movies that have fewer practical effects!  I also really enjoyed the score!  The score was fun and techno and I think it fit the mood of the movie so well.  I was getting Inception meets Contagion from the score!  Also, I know some people were mentioning the sound mixing being bad, it personally didn’t bother me any more than any other action movie! I was able to understand them in every scene expect for 30 seconds in one scene.  I was expecting the sound mixing to be worse but personally I didn’t mind it!

Now I could not review this movie without mentioning the writing and the story!  As I mentioned above, the first part of the movie was slightly slow and confusing in my opinion.  This is the main reason I didn’t give it 5 stars yet.  I do want to rewatch the movie and now that I’ve seen it and understand the basic plot line (I personally need more than one watch to understand any movie that has a slightly confusing plot) I definitely want to rewatch it and see what my thoughts are on it!  The second half of this movie was so incredible and mindblowing and I think that Nolan did a fantastic job with this movie!  I can’t say too much without giving anything away so I think for this review I will keep it pretty vague!  If I rewatch this movie in theaters I may do a separate spoilers review where I go more in depth on my favorite scenes and such.  Overall I really loved the story and I loved the characters and I loved all the twists and turns this story took.

I will say, I think that this is Nolan’s least accessible film from both a storytelling perspective and from a theater perspective.  I think that general audiences will not like this as much as Inception or any of his other movies.  This one is genuinely tricky to understand and tricky to see the layers of.  I’ve already seen many reviews of this movie that I personally disagree with, where people complain that this movie is too concept heavy.  I would personally argue against that but I can understand where people are coming from.  I think for the average theater goer who doesn’t want to see this movie four times in the theater, especially with the pandemic going on, well they’re probably not going to like it as much.  I don’t think this is a fault of the film or a fault of the viewers, I think this is just a thing that will happen due to the concept of the movie!  Nolan creates mind bending movies for the mainstream audience and I think this one almost had too few mainstream elements for some audience members.  So if you see bad reviews for this film I wouldn’t let that stop you from going and seeing it yourself!  I think that everyone will have their own personal opinions for this movie!  If you go see it I hope you like it as much as I did and I absolutely cannot wait to rewatch this!  If there wasn’t the pandemic right now I would already have tickets to see it tomorrow!!!  This is probably my best movie released in 2020!  I’m so glad that this was my 100th film this summer since July 11th!  A great way to end my summer of movies and as school gears back up I’ll unfortunately not be able to watch as many movies as I watched these past couple weeks!  Anyways, go watch Tenet and decide for yourself what you think, I’d love to hear your opinions! 

If you made it this far thanks for reading!  The actual review of Tenet is over! This next part is just me talking about the actual theater going experience with the pandemic going on! 

Yay!  This was my first time going to the movie theater since March 6th when I saw Emma with my mom!  I really missed the theater and one of the main things that shocked me was that I forgot how loud movie sound systems are!  It makes a huge difference seeing things on the big screen rather than watching them on my iPad at my house!  My family rented a private theater so that we could watch it by ourselves without other people in the audience, I’d highly recommend that experience and I’ve never felt like I was in a theater as clean as the one today!  I’m very glad we had a private theater (we still wore our masks the whole time) and it overall made the experience feel so much safer, especially for one of my first big trips out of the house since quarantine began!  I’m very glad we took the risk of going outside because this movie was worth it!  I absolutely loved it and I’m filled with so much joy sitting here writing this hours later!  I never really realized how important movies have become to me this past year and getting back into the cinema really helped remind me of that passion and make me even more excited to start studying production design for film!

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