Tenet ★★★★★

This was my third time seeing this movie and I have to say boy does it hold up on a small screen.  I believe that this movie truly is a technical masterpiece, it captures all the right energy especially when it comes time to flex how it uses both special effects and filmmaking to create such a unique world.  I was actually a little nervous going into this one that I would not like it on a tv and that it would lose some of its charm, in my opinion and based on my own experiences, it was actually nice to be able to watch it in the safety of my home and have subtitles on.  It definitely helped clear up some of the things I was confused about on previous watches.  I left this watch feeling both more enlightened in terms of understanding the plot, as well as being more confused than ever.  In reality I most likely will never fully understand the plot, but I hope that in two or three more watches the timeline will click more into place.  While I do believe this movie has faults in terms of having a slow 25 minutes in the beginning of the middle, as well as losing some comprehension because of the lack of headers when locations and countries changed, I still believe that it is a 5 star movie for me.  I really think it is brilliant and there are so many scenes that put such a huge smile on my face and make me so excited for filmmaking in general.  I would definitely recommend watching this movie!

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