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  • An American Tragedy

    An American Tragedy

    Same reservations I have for A Place In The Sun with the switch from melodrama to court case stymying any dramatic potential or interest for me but the first half is unburdened from the star-text Stevens has to work with and more intriguing, 'purer', for it. The moral and corporal undoing of the 'factory girl' is systemic to the construction and modulation of the text itself and thus applicable and emoting regardless of the women you put at its center.…

  • One of These Days

    One of These Days


    Reviewed hier.

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  • MS Slavic 7

    MS Slavic 7


    Five years ago after an internship in a literary archive, I stayed for another half year as a freelancer and indexed and catalogued the estate of an author we recently acquired, an estate which also included a box of love letters. As I was reading the correspondence, I found it impossible not to get attached to them emotionally - and at the same time it felt like a breach of trust. The letters are so naked, so vulnerable, the writer…

  • Mank



    Was gonna do a Mank meme review and be done with it but found myself (reluctantly) touched by parts of it so here goes a little write up. As an aesthetic object: ghastly malformed kitsch, given the smear of prestige and the stink of sentimentality to be snorted up like cocaine by the Oscars. As historical fiction as usual written both removed from and hailed for its times, showing Hollywood as backroom screwballin' and politickin', a parade of quotes and…