Ham on Rye

Ham on Rye ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

More about extending a mood, then advancing plot or doing a character study, but extremely effective at that and mostly my preferred mode for these type of indies anyway. Just gonna go ahead and "spoil" the structural conceit here: After a beautiful "prom dance" at a deli, those who were chosen physically disappear together, while the others stay behind. As a metaphor for coming-of-age in the suburbs this carries a certain sweetness and naiveté which is crucial for making the overall aesthetic here work. (Cinematography by Carson Lund is aces!) It does falter a bit when Taormina wants to follow through on the implications of this event. There is an understanding here how the absence of someone can still structure your presence as well as the spaces they inhabited, but it doesn't really get to the emotional toll this takes on those who remain. That's fine (The Leftovers will have this covered ad infinitum), but also let things end on a bit of a slight note. Still, the build up with that soundtrack remains beautiful.

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