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  • Ash Is Purest White
  • The Irishman
  • First Reformed
  • MS Slavic 7
  • Martin Eden

Top 15 of 2019 / Top 15 New-To-Me

30 films

#1 - #15: Best Release 2019 #16 - #30: Best New-To-Me 2019 Great year imho. Mixing it up a bit…

  • Portrait of Jason
  • The Sorrow and the Pity
  • Hoop Dreams
  • When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts
  • Twenty Cigarettes

My Year in Documentaries

52 films

For a longtime I was neglecting documentaries, leading to some massive canonical gaps, which I'm trying to fill here. Don't…

  • Ash Is Purest White
  • The Irishman
  • First Reformed
  • MS Slavic 7
  • Martin Eden

Favorites 2019

30 films

Rated four stars or more

  • Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains
  • Family Romance, LLC
  • End of the Century
  • The Farewell
  • First Love

2019 Ketchup

87 films

Started this list early, because I already had 30+ films clustering my watchlist. Highest priority goes to The Halt, It…

  • Ménilmontant
  • From the Notebook of...
  • Earth
  • Mothlight
  • Dog Star Man

Avanti! Avanti! A-G Rushdown

32 films

Since I won't have Wi-Fi at home for the next months, I finally shelled out the money for YouTube premium…

  • Asako I & II
  • Black Mother
  • Blaze
  • Dead Souls
  • Diane

2018 Ketchup

28 films

Will delete as I watch 'em (or after 10 years cause honestly these lists should have an expiration date)

  • Jane B. by Agnès V.
  • Documenteur
  • Diary of a Pregnant Woman
  • Vagabond
  • 7p., cuis., s. de b., ... à saisir

My Year with Agnes

43 films

Watch #1 - #15 to get an introduction to her influences, themes and formal interests, dive deeper with #16 -…

  • A Bucket of Blood
  • Evolution
  • Willard
  • Blood Feast
  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Hooptober a sixin'

38 films

completed Very happy to also join in this year. Hooptober was one of the main reasons, which got me to…

  • The Tree of Life
  • The Loneliest Planet
  • Melancholia
  • Holy Motors
  • The Master

Decadé 2009-2019

62 films

Favorites of the Decade; trying to re-visit most of the them (with focus being mostly on the earlier ones) in…

  • Satantango
  • Far from Us
  • La Pointe-Courte
  • The Night Eats the World
  • Pet Sematary

Kitty Kitty Death Kult

11 films

Can't shake the feeling that my viewing habits this year exposes me to more kitten killings and torture than usual.…

  • All My Life
  • Back and Forth
  • Barn Rushes
  • Chumlum
  • Fog Line

16 mm

13 films

Alphabetical list of all the films I have seen on 16 mm, starting with 01.01.2019

Not yet in the database:…

  • Die Tomorrow
  • 2012
  • The Exquisite Corpus
  • Island of the Hungry Ghosts
  • The Mill and the Cross

Next to Nought: The Shadow List

26 films

Inspired by Doug Dillaman's The Shadow List I also dug through my more obscure diary entries to come up with…