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This review may contain spoilers.

“I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart”

For a while now I liked The Godfather Part I better but now I see the true beauty and excellence of the second. The first time I watched this something’s didn’t work for me, For example the Vito Corleone story line with Robert Dinero. Now I can’t see how I disliked that with both storylines being nearly flawless showing Michael Corleone and Vito becoming “Godfather”. 

What I truly picked up on the second watch was that Michael did what he thought his father would do. I think my favorite scene in this movie is the hotel scene. I have never felt chills down my spine on both watches before and when she tells Michael it was an abortion I think that is when he turned into the only godfather this series has seen. 
I feel that I picked up on the second watch that this wasn’t who Vito truly was. Example the killing of Fredo. Vito’s choices were for the betterment of his family not just to be strong and unmerciful. I think if Vito was put in the same situation as Michael he would have spared him. 

Now it’s time to talk about some of the stuff I didn’t like the whole Hitman thing where he try’s to Assassinate Roth. I thought I was dumb and took up too much time. Second that they didn’t make a Godfather part IV where Vito and Roth run molasses during prohibition. That’s it, this movie is near perfect and deserves all the recognition it receives. The Godfather II really shows some of the deep rooted problems in our family’s and our Country.

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