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This review may contain spoilers.

No one cares that this guy has a rotten hand *_* I think that's what freaked me out the most.

This movie goes everywhere and I couldn't really get into it. The first Candyman dealt with similar themes and had a script that held up more or less. In trying to find links with the original story at all costs, I am not sure what the movie wanted to do and I guess that the director was afraid that the viewers would be lost at some point. That's the only explanation I have to why we are getting more or less subtly explained what we have to understand. There is no need to zoom non stop on the rotten hand, to explain us what gentrification is every 10 minutes and to remind us at each blue uniform that cops are bad. I would make the same criticism as Brianna makes at the beginning of the movie: "There is not much room for interpretation".

At least the murder scenes were cool, I guess there is that.

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