Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

First off, the movie started off with a great intro having the song "Viva Las Vegas" accompanying it.

So basically this was a heist movie with Zombieland: Double Tap like zombies ranging from the standard to the advanced. Maybe add a touch of Land of the Dead since the undead shown emotions as well.

The characters in this were pretty okay. Some engaging more than others. Hard to say if mixing emotions with the action worked for the story. The gore was lots and gruesome. Especially with a couple kills. They did not wasted the zombie tiger being in this movie. The zombie make up was well done and I love the look of the Alphas in this.

With a prequel and animated series coming from this, the studio was all in with this movie. However, the movie itself was entertaining but not blockbuster movie material. Snyder definitely got that "lightening strike twice" with this "of the Dead" movie but his first one Dawn of the Dead (2004) still hold the top tier.

Overall, this movie was good. Entertaining with the gore and deaths, decent with the character development, and great with the setting work. If you are not tired of zombie related movies, you should definitely give this a watch.

Also props to Tig Notaro being added into this movie, her character was awesome.

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