Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★

This is my second time seeing this movie.
I will admit that the first watch. I definitely wasn't a fan of this film.

Second time around, I can see what the director was trying to do in this film as well as the writers. This film does touch on sorority and college related issues like the original Black Christmas just made modern.

It also hit on some of the 2006 remake as it has a focus, although not a strong one, on family being a sorority. There are some well shot scenes even one that echoes that of The Exorcist III.

The story does have trouble keeping constant with what it try to say, especially when the finale is fast approaching. The characters, especially that of the sorority women, are good. Not heavily one note as they have some personality.

This movie definitely differ from the original and 2006 remake but still keep the feel of the original just the same. It is definitely a modern Black Christmas for the 2010's.

So overall, is the movie bad? Sort of. The editing, story pace, and often the message that comes from this movie is slightly meddled. However it should be watched for the kills and ending. Also for the performance of Poots, Elwes, Shannon, and the direction of Sophia Takal.

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