Eve's Bayou

Eve's Bayou ★★★★½

This movie was a dramatic story telling with voodoo tones swimming within like something lurking in the bayou.

You wouldn't be blamed for not thinking this movie was a horror film. It played heavily to the drama, gothic atmosphere, and often comedic tone layered in this film. The characters were great and well performed. Then you have the voodoo and second sight being mentioned within this, bringing a tone of horror aspect with it being slightly supernatural alongside the moments of voodoo coming towards the finale.

I would consider this a horror film cause, after all, horror is subjective and this had some elements in it though it was light. Realistic drama, voodoo supernatural, and the coping of loss. Reality and supernatural horror lightly added to a dramatic family focused story. If you don't know by everything I just said, I loved the hell out of this movie.

So overall, this was a great watch. Whether you think this is horror or not, it holds some gothic tones, light supernatural abilities, and voodoo. Worth seeing for the performances from both adults and kids in this, the dramatic tone that carries a heavy load, and the great scenery used to tell it all.

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