Miami Connection

Miami Connection ★★★½

Miami Connection will have you singing "Against the Ninja" in your head after watching this fun romp of martial arts vs drug dealers film.

The story was pretty much something you would see or hear from an action movie around the 80's. Especially since martial arts and ninjas was all the craze around that time. Even though the movie itself was a flop in the late 80's, it started to get a following over time to become this fun movie to watch regardless of how many flaws were in this.

The characters were pretty okay. Nothing strong to remember them and often times acting over the top. Particularly the bad guys. Alongside the fighting and acting, there were some catchy songs like the already mentioned "Against the Ninja" and a few others as well. The movie did work in some character development for a few of the members of Dragon Sound which was okay but not really strong to the overall watch of the film.

Overall this film was a fun watch. It would definitely be a jam for those into the 80's action and crime related movies that often fit in martial art fighting to add excitement to the story. This would pair well with any 80's ninja or martial art related movie. Also it would be worth it to check out the Rifftrax version of this.

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