No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive ★★★

I can see why this movie get much hate. The story often leave stuff out that should be explained in better detail. The story between what happens in the building and with Ambar often don't balance out as you watch this movie. Even with a runtime of 80+ minutes, you still feel like this dragged its feet on some moments.

However, the effects were pretty good. Characters were done well. Especially that of Ambar, Red, and Becker. The story of Ambar as well as the building does indeed reflect on the title of No One Gets Out Alive but at the same time it struggle with being a horror movie with a lot to say. Just not enough to explain.

Overall, this movie was decent. I won't hate on watching this again. Especially for the creature design and the finale. Just wish they dive into the backstory of the building and stone box instead of it being a quick exposition moment.

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