Shrew's Nest

Shrew's Nest ★★★★

Shrew's Nest showed us that being stuck haunted by your past and dealing with your own inner demons does not make a good combination for your mental scars to heal.

The story set in 1950's Spain was played out in such a good manner where you don't expect things to go wrong but as you stay in the Shrew's Nest, that was when things start to dark turn. The character of Montse was well done and witnessed how many scars of her past she truly had.

Once we get into that last 30 minutes, things will really go crazy. The visuals were great and so was the performances. Definitely one movie I would suggest for those into finding some twisted thriller with a touch of psychological to it. I would admit I did get a few Misery vibes from this at times.

Overall this movie was great. If you can get through the first and second act that basically build up the suspense and turns into the finale, you will enjoy this movie completely. Trust me, the finale was well worth it.

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