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  • The Christmas Setup

    The Christmas Setup

    Me all through this movie: OH NO I LOVE IT

    All of these movies do the hard sell on the benefits of a hometown life, but I love the new angle on that here, where queer culture and queer history are reasons to stay in your hometown and not things you’re looking for when you leave it.

    PS Fran Drescher saying "HELLO I AM A LIBRARIAN" was the Christmas gift I didn’t know I needed, & a character singing Judy at the pop-up drag bar is gayer than anything that happened in Happiest Season.

  • The Christmas House

    The Christmas House

    Honestly a sucker for this shit: the dream of being able to take three weeks off work for Christmas to fly to some picturesque town & good-naturedly rib your sibling & be a boring gay. Okay, I don't actually want to be a boring gay, but also it's nice to not be the Coming Out Drama gay or the Don't Ask Don't Tell gay, & having a nuclear family you want to spend the holidays with? Can't relate.