DNA Says Love You

DNA Says Love You


There are a lot of good ideas here, and honestly probably too many. I would have loved a series where they kept making ghost hunting videos, and how much did I dig the idea that the tragic local legend had been straightwashed?! Way to make your own queer history! I wish more had been done with that.

& conceptually I was excited for an intersex love interest, but this could have been handled better. Like maybe... not outing people, let's try that. Also, because the pronouns are pronounced the same way in Mandarin* I don't know if he was being misgendered in the original or if that was a translator decision, but either way, yikes. & the way it was structured, what I really think was Ah-Le's gay crisis came off as issues with Amber being intersex, & thus was just unnecessarily cruel.

Anyway it's okay! Props to them for trying something new & giving the intersex angel (eventually) his happy ending! & I really liked the music.

* I've read that 他 has only been gendered for about a hundred years! The history of that is fascinating.