Canonical Boys Love Ranking

What, you didn't spend the pandemic becoming an expert in Boys Love?

Okay, boomer.

Seen but currently missing on letterboxd. Ranked from the ones I love to the ones I didn’t finish:

* HIStory3: Trapped. (Letterboxd deleted the entry for this, which is deeply annoying. Trapped is great, second season when?!)
* Gameboys (the best of the lockdown BLs - yes, that’s its own subgenre - currently on Netflix) (rewatched)
* He's Coming to Me/They're Celebrating Qingming Festival Next to My Grave (this is a great starter BL; it's short, they're both sunshine boys, and Singto is a *ghost*!)
* Hello Stranger (I love this one a lot, another lockdown BL, and it has a great friend group. Definitely watch…