Tenet ★★★

Took an Uber there and back, windows all open and stuff. Only time I took off my mask from 6:40pm – 11:00pm was to get a picture taken. Seating at the Cinesphere was very orderly and very spread out. I never had to step over anybody.

As Tom Cruise says, "great to be back in a movie theatre." I'll be happy if this is my one theatre experience during COVID-19; seeing a big new movie in IMAX 70mm at probably the best theatre in the city? Amazing. I haven't heard sound that loud in months, and a really big chunk of it was in IMAX. Even if I never see this again, I feel like I saw it the right way.

My main problem with the movie is the writing and some of the pacing. There is a LOT of talking, and a lot of spy-gibberish exposition aside from the ass-load of explanation about how the time stuff works. Probably necessary, but still, a lot of the time I was on the verge of being very lost. I see why the law forbids me from reviewing this on a first watch. But I also felt like the script didn't click together into believability like most of Ol' Chrissy's other movies.

That said, when this movie confuses you RIGHT, it's a terrific experience. The action scenes with the backwards mechanics are breathtaking. It's constantly making your mind work to figure out what's going on, and by the end you do kind of adapt, which is really awesome. Some of this stuff is so creative and cool it made me smile RIGHT IN THE MOVIE THEATRE!!!

This will NOT win Best Picture this year, if only because Clint Eastwood is going to see it and go "what the fuck was that? I don't care."

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