Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★

In much the same way as 2001 was a test run for the moon landing's FX reel, this kinds feels like a test run for Dune. (/s)

Loads of unnecessary stuff here: the framing with our contemporary world seems at first like it might be for exposition but they don't...actually...use it at all?

Still, plenty to like for a B-movie, and I still find it somewhat miraculous that execs keep giving Anderson money for this kind of stuff. Here, he showcases a truly remarkable eye for scale; even when the camera shows only humans, they're made to look very small in comparison to this world as a whole. The production design is outrageously good for a movie of this quality and goes a long way towards making it watchable. It's too bad I absolutely hate this editing style for action scenes cause with a steadier hand I think I might have really really liked this. As it is - still pretty fun. And Jaa is a fucking delight.

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