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  • River Queen

    River Queen


    One of those proverbial "troubled" historical epics that didn't lack for resources (or great scenery), but fell apart somewhere along the way, with the pieces awkwardly sewn back together and put on screen. Definitely feels like there's a better version of this story laying on the editing room floor.

  • Quiet Thunder

    Quiet Thunder


    Crawford is a far better actor than most of the quasi-auteurs who cast themselves as the hero-who-gets-the-girl in low budget thrillers. Unfortunately, this dull, nearly plotless outing is not a good showcase.

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  • Daylight



    One of the last gasps of the big budget single location-style action movie, in the Towering Inferno/Poseidon Adventure vein, before disaster movies became focused on destroying cities, if not whole planets, with asteroids 'n ice ages and so forth. As such, it plays a bit like a greatest hits compilation; the closest it comes to doing something new is having far less of a mean streak when it comes to cast attrition than these sorts of films usually have. The…

  • Kiss of Death

    Kiss of Death


    Widmark's debut is an all-time great villain, which is enough to make it worth sitting through an otherwise mediocre noir outing that starts out reasonably well, but unravels as the perpetually miscast Mature sets his terrible plan into motion.