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  • The Kiss

    The Kiss


    Inexplicably underappreciated 80s horror, this is crowd-pleasing (if perhaps not all that novel) stuff, buoyed by a fine cast- from Pacula as an appropriately otherworldly villain to the charming lead and likeable supporting players - and solid production values, while making good on Chekhov's gun (and hedge-trimmer, and bug-zapper).

  • The Jitters

    The Jitters


    Well. I do at least like the theoretical concept of the auteur behind Rock 'n Roll Nightmare making his own microbudget Big Trouble in Little China knock-off, injecting a heavy dose of Mr. Vampire. As that pedigree suggests, this is not a "good" film, but for some it may be the right sort of bad film.

    Also contains the single lamest street gang of the 80s. This is not an exaggeration.

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  • Daylight



    One of the last gasps of the big budget single location-style action movie, in the Towering Inferno/Poseidon Adventure vein, before disaster movies became focused on destroying cities, if not whole planets, with asteroids 'n ice ages and so forth. As such, it plays a bit like a greatest hits compilation; the closest it comes to doing something new is having far less of a mean streak when it comes to cast attrition than these sorts of films usually have. The…

  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    Required viewing for the alternative hipster (yes, it’s cool despite the Joe Walsh track... which I also secretly like); make sure to brush up on the historical Persian/greek backstory so you can lecture them later. Plus Walter Hill at the top of his game.