Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★½

I think I was too harsh last time I watched this, I was trying to dislike it. in my review I mention how Scorsese’s viewpoint on Marvel and other blockbusters and how i he was right. i still think that, but I also think that sometimes those movies are good. I ended up watching this in three segments, one for each hour. that probably didn’t enhance the experience but I don’t know if it hurt it very much. I think it allowed me to digest what happened in each of them. i think it actually gets better as the movie goes along. especially after the big final battle, there are a lot of really good character moments. well written or not this movie is So, So Written. there’s just so much going on and I think it’s warranted. I don’t know how well balanced it is, a lot of the characters feel left out or underused (mostly Thor and War Machine). I think a lot of the decisions made by characters feel like they were done for shock value or just to move themself or others to a certain point (Black Widow, Captain America) but overall I can’t complain too much. it’s fun. I had fun.

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