As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below ★★★

This found footage horror film has "guilty pleasure" written all over it, but the story errors are too glaring to ignore: from the tacky and forced mythology to the cheesy bad memories that confront the characters. The fantasy elements in the latter half of the film did not vibe well with what could have been a naturalistic catacombs thriller. More realistic survival challenges instead of supernatural presence could have made the story less ridiculous. The film gets more muddled visually and narratively as it progresses. The ending also left me confused as to what the philosopher's stone really does.

Kudos to this film though for actually making me scared. I was watching this alone in my room with all of my lights turned off, and I can say that I really had an immersive viewing experience. It has been a while since a horror movie thoroughly scared me, like COVERED-MY-FACE-LEVEL SCARED, and this film did that! In general, this film is not very good plot-wise, and it has some corny and boring moments. But it did deliver the spooks and creeps I was expecting, albeit not consistently. I also found a new appreciation for this divisive found footage style.

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