Nope ★★★★

A multi-layered allegory of Hollywood, social media behavior, and the minority experience brilliantly disguised as an alien sci-fi horror film, "Nope" is Jordan Peele's most ambitious work yet. Doubling both in cinematic scale and symbolism, the film could've sunk under the weight of its themes, but it is able to hold on to its own uncanny narrative. Separated into acts, the film follows a group that discovers some alien entity causing the appearance and disappearance of some objects. Some moments are among the most unsettling scenes Peele has crafted.

The film will undoubtedly test the viewer's patience as it begins a little bit slow in gradually revealing each layer of the mystery. But as each puzzle piece started to fit, a darkly-rooted momentum grows. The work of the acting ensemble is solid, led by Daniel Kaluuya in a stoic turn and Keke Palmer in all her infectious charisma. Yet what makes the film intriguing is its look at how people always want to be "seen" and how we can't resist looking at some things, as well as how we want to capture something significant. It's not the most accessible of Peele's films, but I think it is my favorite of his films so far.

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