The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs ★★★★

Clarice’s brain cells left the chat when she decided to go in alone, now why tf would she do that? The girl was on some real clown shit 

Incredible thriller and engrossing plot line. Really glad they had a female lead and used that lead well developing themes around women under the male gaze and sexism. But I think the crown jewel of the movie is Hopkins performance which is an absolute masterclass, the range that man has is unparalleled

After watching Disclosure a few months back it’s really sad that trans people of the time never saw themselves depicted in a positive light. Is the movie transphobic open for discussion but listen to what trans peoples say. I’m aware Clarice points out that transgender and violence don’t correlate but I think this would have fallen on deaf ears for most people and is only one line of dialogue. Unfortunately this movie would have added to the narrative that transgender people were not natural and dangerous and that they want to steal cis-women’s identity as it can be falsely interpreted that way by people who hold those values. The movie makes strides forward exploring themes in regards to cis-women but why did it have to be at the expense of trans people

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