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Scream was one of the first horror films I watched and ever since then it’s been a favourite of mine. This is the first movie of my Halloween watch list, I’m going to watch through the rest of the series and many other films for the Halloween season. 

Scream is not only my favourite horror films but one of my favourite films. The idea of a horror film where the people in the movie are aware of other horror films. The way the movie plays with tropes of the genre in hilarious both when it subverts the genre and when it does steers into the curve of troopes. 

This time around all I could focus on was how in your face the film is about billy and Stuart being the killers. Randy pretty much nails Billy down to motive when talking to Stuart in the video store. There are other examples of it as well but that’s the one that really sticks in the mind for me. 

Anyways can’t wait to rewatch the rest of the series!

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