The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back ★★★★★

Skywalker Saga Watch Through 

I mean what can I say it’s Empire, a beautiful film, that I think gets taken a little too seriously. This movie does have a more serious tone than A New Hope but it doesn’t lose its humour. Every scene between Han and Leia is chocked full with one liners and jokes. Darth Vader makes some cheesy ass jokes in this as well. I love all of them. 

Yoda is perhaps the most interesting character in the movie, this exiled Jedi Master who doesn’t resemble who he use to be at all (wonder what Star Wars character that sounds like) who is reluctant to train this Jedi as he fears the past failures of the Jedi will rise again in the son of Skywalker. I never thought I’d say this but watching the prequels first actually makes Yoda’s character in Empire even better. 

The reason why Empire is one of the best is because of how it re-contextualizes the themes of the first movie but how Lucas allowed it to do that for the prequels as well. So in the prequels the there is this theme of duty/destiny over family and you see that in some of what Yoda says to Luke. Yoda wants Luke to prioritized become a better Jedi over saving Han and Leia. Vader on the other hand (who suffered the most due to this philosophy) wants Luke to see that his density is tied to his family.

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