• Man Rots from the Head

    Man Rots from the Head


    I loved this, and now really want to see Janicza Bravo adapt a Kafka text into a feature length film.

  • Gregory Go Boom

    Gregory Go Boom


    Don’t know exactly how I feel about this one, it’s definitely well shot, like it doesn’t look like shit. The music is unhinged in a way that I love so that’s definitely a positive. Also the ending is fucked up, everything else is just sort of fine.

  • Zeros and Ones

    Zeros and Ones


    Ethan Hawke puts it perfectly at the end of the film, like seriously listen to what he says at the end credits about this film and what he thought about it while reading “the script” thats how I felt while watching this movie. I don’t think I had a clue of what was happening but it still enticed me to keep watching. Fascinating filmmaking if you ask me.

  • Riders of Justice

    Riders of Justice


    Probably my biggest surprise of 2021 although at this point I’ve heard a lot of praise so maybe I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was, but I think what really shocked me was how the film is so tender. There’s not too much action, which I am happy about, because instead of scenes where we’re over focusing on the action, we get scenes where people are earnestly talking to each other. In fact the violence almost seems like…

  • Irresistible



    What an absolutely atrocious film

  • Brave



    This was absolutely amazing, I honestly had a small idea about what the plot was but I never really got the extent of it cause I’ve just had people describe basic plot stuff here and there over the years. The way this plays out is just absolutely perfect, I loved every single moment, every twist and turn no matter how big or small. It also looks absolutely incredible!

  • Chaos Walking

    Chaos Walking


    Honestly watching “the voice” operate in this film is hilarious, the amount of times Holland’s character has to apologize for something he’s thinking is pretty high and might be one of the funniest things in a movie this year.

  • Love Hard

    Love Hard


    Started this last night before I feel asleep and you know what it’s not as terrible as I expected it to be. It feels like a teenager who frequents tumbler wrote the script but it’s not completely cringe so points for that.

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    I really want to talk about why I don’t like this film but I don’t want to come across as rude, because this really just wasn’t my thing at all. My biggest problem is that I feel like this film relies a lot on its editing, which is impressive, don’t get me wrong. Yet I just felt that Wright took a step back in terms of the direction here. Not terribly directed but just nowhere near as strong as Wright’s…

  • The Graduate

    The Graduate


    Holy crap what a film, I mean just wonderfully directed, and the soundtrack is a classic.

  • Supergirl



    Honestly did not hate this as much as I expected to. It’s definitely uneven but honestly it’s kind of cool at times. I don’t know for me Supergirl vs witches is a cool concept on paper. The execution could’ve been a bit better but for the most part I had a lot of fun with this.

  • Eternals



    I liked it but I feel like I have a lot of thoughts about it, and if I were to list them it would sound like I was more negative on it than I actually am. I think before I write anything concrete im going to try and see it one more time.