Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Snyder’s Army Of The Dead is a film that to me came off as a film that bit off more than it can chew. quite literally, the zombie horror is 2hrs 30mims and i’m not the first, or going to be the last person to say that it didn’t need to be that long.

that being said i’ll go into some positives: Dave Bautista, The action sequences and tense set pieces, the chemistry between the characters, the soundtrack, the direction and the cinematography... that’s about it for me. most of my issues come from the overpromising and cliche script and the wafer thin characters. Snyder has put a lot of passion into making this and it’s visible right from the beginning. the film is beautifully shot, it’s not perfect but the film looks fucking amazing a lot of the time!

but after the first act, i just felt the momentum sort of fizzled out, i lost interest in the second and the majority of the third. the last half hour is pretty decent, and i found the ending hilarious. i do think the film is overhyped, but i’m glad Snyder is making what he wants and i’ll happily be in line to see what he does next, even if it’s a sequel to this!

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