Boiling Point

Boiling Point ★★★★½

Boiling Point is my last viewing of LFF 2021, but i’m happy to say out of the films i did manage to catch this year, this was the best one - i’m just so upset it had to be from the comfort of my bedroom TV, rather than the big screen.

the film takes place over one night during the christmas period, and was filmed in a one shot take (they used their 3rd one for the final cut, i believe). this film has a mix of the intensity of Uncut Gems & the temper of Falling Down, whilst taking place entirely in a kitchen in a high end london restaurant. it’s a perfect recipe. 

essentially, the film is just a huge chaos, with the characters trying to balance matters of health and safety audits, argumentative customers, customers with allergies, drug dealing etc. while everyone is at their boiling point on this evening. the film always feels like it is one step towards combustion.

the performances are all great, Stephen Graham is always a winner. he brings his character to life with his emotionally intensive demeanour towards his staff. i cant think of a fault with this, i’m actually quite shaken with how it finished!

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