Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

one of the darker Ritchie films to come out in recent years, still showing he can retain his standard styles and conventions through almost any feature he puts on the big screen (or little in this case). bloody, brutal, coarse and intense, Wrath of Man is another great addition to Ritchie’s iconic filmography. i was getting a bit annoyed midway through when it seemed as if the trailer spoiled the whole movie, but there’s more meat on the bone then the trailer ensures.

it won’t win many new fans over, with all the time hopping and witty dialogue of his older films, but Wrath Of Man is an entertaining watch for anyone into heist thrillers or Ritchie’s work. a little long, but the building of characters and plot is well crafted for a very engaging and nasty third act that although may be cliche, is much rougher around the edges than expected.

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