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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    The Safdies are in the small group of directors to emerge in the last 10 years that get me excited.

  • Airport '77

    Airport '77


    Jack Lemmon commits.

    Crazy that Jimmy Stewart lived another 19 years.

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  • W.



    "Axis of... Hatred?"
    "No... something about it just misses..."

    This highlight-reel of the Bush Era's Greatest Hits felt redundant in 2008, and now plays like pure 2000s kitsch. It's an eerie and uncanny experience seeing these once-familiar incidents badly re-enacted by celebs.

    The tone veers gracelessly from earnest drama to ham-fisted satire (we see a cable news show called "Spinball"). Every piece of exposition is crammed with factoids. Certain of the performances (Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice, Jeffrey Wright as…

  • Hellzapoppin'



    Mind-blowing. We still haven't caught up to this.

    Entire gags were lifted wholesale for the much-more-famous Daffy Duck cartoon DUCK AMUCK.

    The Rosebud sled from CITIZEN KANE makes a cameo appearance.

    Great Shemp Howard performance, too.