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  • Halloween


    You can always learn something about a society from whatever horror movies are popular at any given moment. This one obviously foregrounds a lot of now-popular ideas about how trauma can reverberate across one's lifetime. Also, unlike other Halloween remakes and sequels, this movie laughs at any attempt to explain or humanize Michael Myers. He's just evil, so don't bother trying to analyze him -- just get ready for battle.

    There's a winking moment early in the movie where a…

  • Scary Movie 2

    Scary Movie 2

    Marlon Brando was supposed to play the priest in the Exorcist parody, but had to leave during shooting because he was sick. Film history mourns this loss, but Keenan Ivory Wayans found an excellent replacement in James Woods.

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  • The Image Book

    The Image Book

    The long-awaited reboot of the blockbuster Histoire(s) du cinema franchise. It can feel like a bit of a fool’s errand to interpret or criticize Godard’s late work, because it can so often be whatever you want it to be. However...

    Many years ago, Godard attempted to create a style of cinema that could inspire revolutionary change. At this point, he seems to not only regard such a thing as impossible, but also regards cinema as a tool of violence and…

  • Fahrenheit 11/9

    Fahrenheit 11/9

    Honestly? Good for him for using a Drumpf documentary as a Trojan horse for getting liberals to pay attention to the Flint Water Crisis.